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July 1

Who i am?

Most of the times I'm a confident man and know what I want. I have an average looks, but am sensual, generous, very kind hearted, down to earth, very honest and straight forward. I am a passionate and a happy man. I am another professional slave working at Corporate America. I am drugs and drama free with no string attached, have no kids, live at my own habitat in the company of my little Maltese Friend. Enjoy going to movies, dining out, comedy clubs, live concerts, bars and night clubs, outdoors, picnics, short trips sightseeing. Have visited major parts of Europe, and love to travel all over the world, and specially, Historical places, when both the time and the budgets allows! I really don't take life too seriously and love to laugh, and over all, I'm a good loyal friend and a fun guy to hang out with!


I like going to fancy restaurants, such as Chez McDonalds, B. King Grill, and Arbysaggio Ristorante...also like gardening! :)

I'm looking for ...

I'm looking for somebody that is breathing, and preferably not in any type of relationship, such as marriage, a cult, or prison. A woman that has a steady head on her shoulders, but not a steady shot when she's mad. A kind of a woman who appreciates the finer things in life, like sauerkraut, Amish quilts, and Aboriginal didgeridoo's. A woman that's not afraid to let her hair down.....unless she's wearing a wig. Someone who likes me for who I am, and not for what I turn into during a full moon. Someone that appreciates my large hands, lazy eye, and big but....I digress.... True! I am seeking for a long term boyfriend-girlfriend type of a relationship with this hope to connect with someone at a deeper level that preferably would lead us to become partners, later in life! Education, Mutual Respects, Trust, Loyalty and a Monogamous type of life style are qualities I'm looking in for a possible match. Please, do not hesitate to drop me a line, if you're interested to get to know me further, and don't be shy to contact me to arrange to meet in person in the "light of a day and in a public place”, to find out, if there is any chemistry and feelings between us, before we wanted to walk to the next level together!

My dating age range is:



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  • Hello I am Adele 44 years old live near Blackpool

  • <img src='http://tinchat.co/smiley/1F60D.png' /><img src='http://tinchat.co/smiley/1F609.png' /><img src='http://tinchat.co/smiley/1F60D.png' />
  • compliment of the day friend

  • hi! what's on your mind ? you are hot btw dude!! 

  • Good Morning to you from Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana.

  • Good Morning Verda ;

    Thanks for your interests in me and contacting me. I'm also interested to get to know you further ; however, truly speaking am not much interested in long distances friendship-relationship, unless you would consider to give me a visit here at Long Beach, CA for an opportunity to get to know each other closer and understand how seriously you're looking for a serious long term relationship. Looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Have a wonderful day! ☺
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